About us

Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies (acronym CCMESI) was established on 1st of March 1993 by the decision no. 400/26.03.1993. It has the statute of Research Centre within the University of Bucharest. The founders of CCMESI are the professors Valer Trufas and Maria Patroescu.

The activity of the centre involved university staff (professors and researchers), doctoral, master and bachelor students.

CCMESI was recognized as a research unit by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education (Consiliul National al Cercetarii Stiintifice din Invatamantul Superior) and accredited by the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development to perform impact studies and environmental balances.

The objectives of CCMESI are:

To present practical solutions for current environmental problems;
To promote the concept of sustainable development in Romania;
To develop partnerships with universities, institutes and research centers, local and national authorities,
To offer training opportunities to young researchers interested in environmental research programs;

CCMESI performs research activities in the following fields:

Biodiversity conservation
Rural and urban landscape ecology
Environmental impact assessment
Geographical Information System (GIS)
Environmental chemistry